Houseguests, Hosting & the Holidays: a How-To Guide

Holiday season is upon us and many homeowners will find themselves hosting festivities this season. Houseguests make it more important than ever to create a welcoming space that is able to accommodate everyone – whether they are stopping by for dinner or staying for the week. Our home design professionals have compiled some of our favorite holiday entertaining tips, along with a few ideas to keep the home clean and organized throughout the season.

Make-Ahead Menus

Meals should be two things: simple and delicious. Food Network has a great list of holiday dishes you can prepare well in advance. Many dishes can be frozen for up to a month before the actual event, so you can spend less time baking and more time with loved ones. Keep olives, canned and marinated bell peppers and crostini available for a quick hors d’oeuvres tray everyone will love.

Primp the Pantry

Stock your pantry with everyone’s favorite snacks and baking essentials before everyone arrives. Williams-Sonoma has some amazing gravy, brining blends and jellied cranberries you can store to help make the season a little more magical.

Pantry organizers are a big help during the holiday season. Many homes in Attleboro and surrounding areas lack real pantry storage systems that would allow you to take inventory at-a-glance. Invest in basic design upgrades like a slide-out spice rack, canned good organizers and built-in wine racks to make holiday meal preparation easy. We also recommend separating the pantry into zones to help keep similar objects together. This is a great way to ensure the most commonly used items are centrally located.

Hey, Bartender

Set out your favorite spiced rum and infused vodkas to help spice up the season. Print a few festive cocktail recipes and leave them by the bar so everyone can mix their own drinks throughout the night. Remember to include small finger bowls filled with garnishes guests can try to bring out the flavor in their drinks! This lets everyone make drinks exactly the way they want and you get to spend your time sharing laughs – not serving liqueurs.

Gorgeous Guest Rooms

Bedding can make all the difference when it comes to having a restful night’s sleep in someone else’s home. Give your guests a comfortable place to rest after their travels with a queen or king size Murphy-style wall bed. Wall beds are never folded, which prevents that uncomfortable lumpy feeling you get from sofa beds. Their superior comfort makes wall beds a great option for everyone – including guests who struggle with back pain. We offer the choice of either lightweight aluminum or durable steel frames hidden behind cleverly-disguised cabinet façades that can be ordered to match your existing décor. There are a lot of ways to make guests feel welcome. A comfy bed is a great place to start!

With the right design elements in place, your holiday entertaining could come together with almost no effort this year. Get all the design tips you need to welcome everyone into your home this season with Home Closet Systems. Claim your free in-home consultation today to get started.

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