7 Smart Garage Upgrades

Your garage has a lot of potential, but only if it is designed properly. Garage organization is one of the best ways for residents of Fall River and surrounding cities to maintain a clean space. Proper storage of all your belongings is a great segue into additional upgrades that will make you fall in love with your garage all over again – and might even make the neighbors jealous. You can thank us later.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage is a great way to maximize every square inch of space in your garage. We recommend putting bulky items like sports equipment or holiday decorations in overhead storage to get them off the ground and out of sight until the season calls for them to be used again.


Smaller items that might not fit into overhead storage can benefit from slatwall. Many homeowners love it so much they install a whole wall! This PVC material is durable and can be outfitted with hooks or baskets to make garage storage easy. Slatwall is an attractive design choice, too. The look is sleek enough to complement sophisticated spaces, but utilitarian enough to be a practical choice for the garage.

Finished Floors

There are a lot of options for garage flooring. One of the most popular choices is a sealed epoxy finish, which actually provides a little bit of texture so you get a nonslip surface, too. Other options include tile or stamped cement, which are both durable options that are easy to clean.

Add Natural Light

Lighting is key to opening up any space. Add windows to let natural light in and use shutters to filter the bright light at sunrise and sunset. Large overhead lights and soft floor lights can also help brighten up your space and make it easy to navigate between cars and sports equipment.

Get Remote Access

Upgrade to a garage door opener with multiple security or lighting features. This Craftsman Garage Door Opener 3-Function Compact Remote Control ($35) is a great way to control your garage even from a distance. Go high tech with programs like LiftMaster’s MyQ App, which actually allows you to monitor your garage door, receive garage door activity alerts, or open and close the door remotely using only your wireless network.

Multipurpose Function

Your garage could become your favorite space in the house with the right finishing touches. Set up your workshop or set aside a space for home gym equipment. Some homeowners choose to turn their 3rd car garage space into a home office. Many look surprisingly natural with the right accoutrements. The sky is the limit when it comes to extra garage space!


Insulate your entire garage – including the door – and place a rubber seal on the bottom of the door to keep dust, moisture and pests out. This helps regulate the temperature inside your garage and protect your belongings from extreme temperature changes.

Don’t settle for average when it comes to your garage. With the right organization and upgrades, you can maximize your garage space and potentially increase the value of your home. This is a great investment we recommend for many homeowners who wish they had more square footage in their home. The space is there – it’s just in the garage! Contact us today and discover the hidden space in your home with a free, no obligation evaluation.

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