10 Inspirational Craft Room Storage Solutions

It’s time to get crafty, Massachusetts! Did you know the craft room is one of the most commonly disorganized spaces in the home? Our team has had countless inquiries from homeowners who want to learn how to get their craft room under control so they can continue their work unhindered. For some, crafting is a hobby. There is a sense of pleasure that comes from working with your hands and delivering homemade gifts to family and friends. For others, crafting is part of a home-based business, which makes their craft room organization a high-stakes process.

Fortunately, organization is what we do best. The experts at Home Closet Systems place high value on personalizing each and every organizational system to help you get exactly what you need for the projects you complete on a regular basis. With a wide range of custom shelving, closets and fold-out accessories, we have helped hundreds of people in the Boston area create calm from the chaos. Here’s what we recommend for a craft room that practically cleans itself:

Like Groupings

Keep your craft room organized by pairing similar items together. For example, yarn should be kept separate from ribbon, but because they serve a similar function, it should be okay to store these two items in the same general area. Similarly, keep your craft scissors, pinking shears and sewing scissors together so they are easy to locate at a later time.

Colorful Foundations

Color is the foundation of any craft project, which is why we recommend color coding absolutely everything in your craft room. Leave no thread untouched! Create a rainbow of color in your cupboards, on your slatwall, and even on your counters so it’s easy to locate the perfect material for your next project – or identify what needs to be ordered for your next masterpiece.

Ribbon Wall

Ribbons can be stored a variety of ways. We have seen crafters use everything from slatwall accessories and hanging baskets to dowel rods, but the one idea we keep coming back to is this orderly ribbon wall from Oh Happy Day’s San Francisco office. Even though each spool of ribbon is a different size and shape, everything has been stacked by color for a perfectly clean look that makes an otherwise rough-and-tumble space into every homeowner’s dream.

Eye-Level Ideas

Slatwall is one of the best all-purpose organizers you could possibly have in your craft room. It can be customized to any size or shape and comes with dozens of accessory options from hooks to small hanging baskets. Slatwall is the perfect size to store small items like skeins of thread and scissors, and eye-level placement makes your belongings easy to see. Customize your slatwall with a coat of paint for a pop of color!

The Writing on the Wall

Your artistic personality knows no boundaries, so why confine your ideas to what fits on the page of a notebook? We fell head over heels for this chalkboard paint wall from Our Fifth House. This is an easy DIY project that could easily be adapted for a whiteboard. There’s something so appealing about writing on the walls. Maybe it’s the endless space or how easy it is to see everything you’ve just written, but whatever it is, this is one craft room idea we can’t wait to try!

Built-In Storage

The best space-saving options are built in to your existing home design. Look for organizers with tilt-out drawers and slide-out racks that easily hold all your belongings without taking up extra space in the room. Fold-out ironing boards like the ones we carry are a seamstress’ best friend.

Upgrade Your Craft Table

A surprising number of craft rooms don’t actually come with a built-in center island, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without. Kitchen islands and portable carts generally have lots of shelf space and make it easy to store everything you need. Bonus: a butcher’s block countertop is a great crafting surface.

Sew Organized

Fabrics, threads, sewing needles, and the sewing machine itself all deserve their own unique space that is optimized for your needs. Most sewing projects are full-day (or month) endeavors. This means hours of sitting at the same spot, perfecting each and every fold of fabric. It’s important to have a complete sewing station in one area of your craft room separate from papers, glitter and knitting needles that might be used for other projects.

Sell It (to Yourself)

Imagine walking into a craft store. Paper is organized in neat rows, sorted by color. Puffy paint and glue are arranged side-by-side so they won’t topple over. Even paintbrushes are contained in plastic buckets that are the perfect depth to show off the bristles. Stores create these displays to showcase their merchandise, but this layout is also great for visibility and organization. Take photos next time you stock up on supplies and try to reimagine some of those displays in your own home.


Glass inserts are a great way to see everything in your cupboards without compromising their functionality. Your entire inventory will be available at-a-glance, which also makes it a lot easier to create shopping lists or take inventory for big upcoming projects.

It’s time to find calm in the chaos of your craft room. With the right organizational systems personalized to your unique needs, your craft room can become an enjoyable space with everything you need to create, design and dream. Contact us today to get a no-obligation in-home evaluation.

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