10 Habits to Start in the New Year for Better Organization

The New Year is the perfect time to look back on your habits and evaluate what worked best, what needs improvement, and what you would do differently if given the chance. Many people find they have recurring regrets about the condition of their homes during the year, which can result in lengthy cleaning sessions and a great deal of time lost. We have developed a few healthy habits you can begin now to get more time for yourself in the New Year – and a more beautiful, organized home to show for it!

  1. Annual Budgeting
    Create an annual budget for large home repairs and unexpected damage that could result from storms or extreme weather. This literal “rainy day fund” will help greatly if you decide to upgrade your home or renovate within the next year. Creating a budget well in advance also helps you keep your goals in sight to prevent unplanned expenses.

  3. Make the Bed Every Morning
    It’s easy to pull the sheets to the top of the bed each morning, even if you don’t tuck them in all the way. This makes a big impact on the overall look of the room and can make your home seem much cleaner than it really is.

  5. Evening Clean Up
    The best way to keep a home organized is to clean as you go. The next best thing (and what works for us) is the evening clean-up. This entails putting all dishes in the dishwasher, placing all dirty laundry in the hamper, and doing a quick wipe-down of surfaces before bed each night. This makes cleaning less of a chore later because part of the work is already done.

  7. Weekly Deep Clean
    Plan a day each week to vacuum, dust, and polish all flat surfaces in your home. Cleaning more often means your home will look beautiful all week long so you can feel comfortable inviting friends and family over.

  9. Freshen the Foyer
    Your home’s entryway is crucial to the success of your day. After all, this is where many homeowners store keys, shoes, backpacks and briefcases so everyone is ready to go on time in the morning. Keep footwear contained with shoe cubbies or angled shelves. Backpacks and jackets are easily stored with hooks. Everything else can go on a shelf at eye-level so it’s easy to see when you’re on your way out. What a great way to start the day!

  11. Banish the Junk Drawer
    A junk drawer is a homeowner’s cry for help. Believe it or not, there are organizers capable of containing those pens, thumbtacks, receipts, and rubber bands.  All those miscellaneous items deserve their own space so you can put that drawer to good use.

  13. Go Green
    If you don’t already, start recycling paper and plastic according to your city codes. This will reduce the amount of trash you throw out each week and you will feel better about reducing the size of our landfills. Invest in Energy Star appliances to use less energy at home and save money in the process!

  15. Clean the Pantry
    Many people will resolve to lose weight or begin an intense exercise regimen this year. While these are popular goals, they fail to address one of the most common causes of obesity and illness in our country: poor diet. Swap out refined sugars and starchy foods with a piece of fruit or a small salad that packs a vitamin-infused punch.

    Some simple pantry organization tricks can actually help you stick to your health goals this year. Hide sugary snacks on the top shelf and place a protein-packed snack like raw almonds or cashews on an eye-level shelf that is easy to access. Not only will it be easier to reach for the more nutritious option, but protein will help you feel full faster, thus reducing your desire to snack.


  17. Enjoy Quiet Time
    When your home is clean and organized, it is scientifically easier to achieve a peaceful state of mind. Once your organizing is complete and everything is where it should be, reward yourself with some solitude. Pick up a good book, meditate on a comfy cushion, or enjoy a cup of coffee out on the patio.

  19. Don’t Settle for Less
    When it comes to creating a beautiful, functional space, any designer will tell you that you get what you pay for. If you are serious about turning your home into a space you can use and enjoy, it is that much more important to do your research and only work with designers who stand by their products. Most organization systems come with a warranty, but few match our leading lifetime warranty that applies to all wood products. Your designer should be able to tell you why their products are better than the competition – and how their services can benefit your life.

    Get ready for the New Year with habits that can help set you up for success in 2017. Contact Home Closet Systems and create your most organized year yet!


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